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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Devenir.Expert?

Devenir.Expert product is an online training and certification platform, providing compact, subject
focused course materials on critical IT and management skills, and extensive hand-on labs plus
exams preparation materials and guides, for the purpose of sharpening one’s skills and validating
his/her knowledge and guaranteeing his/her certification in the shortest period of time.

Does Devenir.Expert offers a free trial?

Devenir.Expert offers a free course for each technology (e.g. AWS Cloud Practitioner for free for the
AWS technology).

What are the free courses that you are offering?

For every technology, we are offering a free course. AWS Cloud Practitioner for AWS, Azure
Fundamentals course for Azure, CAPM course for PMI, CISM course for Security, ISO 14001 course
for ISO.

Will I get a certificate after completing a course at Devenir.Expert?

Yes, after completing each course, you will get a certificate and a badge to share in your social
media profiles and add it to your email signature!

How can I get the certification of completion?

To get the certificate of completion, you will have to complete the course first, then fill up a quick
survey to get your feedback about how we can make the course better. Then you will receive your
certificate and badge via mail.

Will I be able to pass the exam after enrolling in Devenir.Expert courses?

Devenir.Expert courses, quizzes and labs are designed to guarantee one’s certification in the
shortest period. You can also get our compact exam guide and take one of our exams to better
prepare for the certification exam.

How can I bookmark a video?

You can bookmark a video by clicking on the bookmark icon on each course in the course catalog.
You can find your bookmarked videos in your dashboard for easy access.

Where can I find the resources?

Each course includes a set of resources that you can find in the course’s page, more resources can
be found while going through the course’s lessons.

Are the Devenir.Expert courses available in languages other than English?

Yes, Devenir.Expert offers courses in English, French and Arabic.

How much time should I spend on one course every week?

We recommend spending at least 2 hours a day on each course 5 times a week

What is my dashboard?

Your dashboard contains helpful information about your Devenir.Expert profile, as an example,
you can find in your dashboard all the courses you enrolled in, your progress in each course, your
quizzes with grades and more.

What are the payment options?

We are supporting Visa, MasterCard, PayPal payments

Can I cancel my premium subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your premium subscription any time

What is the cost of receiving premium subscription?

You can have a premium subscription for 6 months for 200 MAD, or 12 months for 300 MAD

Is it possible to communicate with the instructor?

Yes, you can reach out to instructors via email, or ask your question in the Q&A section in each

Who do users contact if they need help registering or navigating through a course?

You can reach out to our instructors or use our support chat window to communicate with one of
our support team.

Is there interaction with other online students?

Yes, you can browse other students’ questions and interact with them in the course’s Q&A section

Is there a group or individual project within the courses?

Yes, Devenir.Expert offers multiple hands-on labs to better validate your knowledge and prepare
your to succeed in your certification exam.

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